Devil Worshipers


When you’re the priest or a parishioner of a church with the name “Saint Christopher Hellenic Orthodox Church”, some people might think your little church is centered around devil worship. Ummm… True story though…

Two weeks ago I started going to the local Greek Orthodox church after giving up on the few local Roman Catholic churches for numerous reasons. The first visit was for the Pre-sanctified liturgy on Wednesday nights. Defiantly my favorite liturgy during Great Lent. I stayed after the liturgy to meet parishioners and have dinner. After dinner the congregants started their Wednesday night Lenten devotional class. Before the class started Fr. George told the story about possible devil worshipers.

There’s a couple who attends St. Christopher Hellenic Orthodox Church who’s bee keeping neighbor thinks they worship the devil. Fr. George has known about the neighbor for some time. The couple invite Fr. George  over for a house blessing. Fr. George goes over to the house for the blessing and asks the couple about their neighbor. The couple tell Father that she’s still the same, that she still thinks they worship the devil. Cause, well, everyone knows Hell-enic means hell and the devil, not Greek.

Fr. George continues on his way blessing the house while the bee keeping neighbor is out looking after her bees. Fast forward some time. Fr. George is now at the grocery store by the pharmacy where the bee keeping neighbor is pickup up her prescription. She sees Fr. George and blurts, “He worships the devil! He’s a devil worshiper!” The shocked pharmacist immediately explains to Fr. George that bee keeping neighbor is on a lot of meds. Fr. George tells the pharmacist that bee keeping neighbor has always believed that he and his parishioners worship the devil. After all, Fr, George comments, she believes that Hellenic (Hell-enic) means devil worship and not Greek.

After hearing this story I knew I had to split my time between the local Greek Orthodox church and the Ukrainian Catholic church in Conyers, GA.




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