I am a Ukrainian Greek Catholic a.k.a. Ukrainian Eastern Rite or Ukrainian Byzantine Rite Catholic. This makes me a member of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC). I am currently living in the outer Atlanta suburbs in the American South East. Being Catholic in this part of the country is not easy. Being Ukrainian Greek Catholic is a whole lot harder. It was much easier being an Eastern Rite Catholic while living in Washington, D.C.

While living in the nation’s capital I frequented both Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic churches as well as exploring the many different Christian traditions on offer. As a result I spent a significant amount of time in the Eastern Orthodox Church both on and off the American University campus. I was first introduced to the Eastern Orthodox Church and subsequent the Eastern Rite Catholic Church via the Russian Orthodox Church. I fell in love with the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at my first encounter with the Eastern Church while attending a vespers at St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral (Washington, D.C.) with a Russian Orthodox friend and a Roman Catholic friend who now attends an Eastern Rite Catholic church. After my first encounter I started attending regular monthly Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) vespers, done in the Greek Orthodox tradition, at the Kay Spiritual Life Center on campus. From here I became Catholic and now regularly attend a Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church while in Washington, D.C. and a combination of Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic and a Ukrainian Catholic church on a monthly basis while in Georgia.

This blog will feature my experiences as a Ukrainian Catholic while living in Georgia and Washington, D.C. I want to highlight the humorous side and the struggles of being an Eastern Rite Christian in the South. I also want the blog to answer questions people have about Eastern Rite Christianity, both Catholic and Orthodox.


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